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Drury Lane Dobermans

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If you have any questions or would like more information  please just call  or e-mail. Being new to the computer I love phone calls. But feel free to write to me also and I will try and help.

 When picking out your puppy please give me details as to your needs and what you are expecting from your puppy  then I can help you get a better fitting puppy for your family. We want you to be happy and the  puppy you pick to be happy also .

I accept deposits by  postal money order, credit card, or personal check. Balances are due 10 days prior to  the puppy being able to go. and shipping is extra> varies by size of puppy at time it is leaving. 

Ear crops can be done here before the puppies leave then we know they are up and standing good when  your recieve your puppy. Tails are always docked and puppies are current on all shots and health certificate issued when they  leave.

Due to the large requirements of the Ranch and  my desire to be a hands on  owner I am very busy so  Please leave a message on the answering machine or give me a day to get  your e-mail answered but I will get back to you to talk  about  your request.

Thank you  for looking at our doberman Pinchers.

Thank you for visiting my site!

Drury Lane Dobermans located in Willard Missouri.
Dobermans of Beauty, Health and always family friendly.
Call 417 742-4596 to discuss what Doberman might be right for you.

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